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PR02001 FILM DRYING CABINET Supplied Flatpacked
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All the essential features of a large (and expensive) drying cabinet in a unit designed for the smaller darkroom. Rotary fan and heater in the removable base unit pass air through an efficient and easily changed filter. The cabinet is plastic laminated sheet metal, and the door is fitted with an inspection window. The height allows full 36 exposure film lengths to be dried. The heating unit includes 3 preset heat settings, and a film that has been squeegeed will be dry to handle in about 5 minutes. Slower drying is generally preferable, and on settings 2 & 3 will take up to about 20 minutes. The heat can also be switched off altogether, and fan driven cold air used for slower drying. The cabinet is supplied in two units, the heater/fan base in one, and the flat-packed cabinet in the other, needing only a screw-driver for assembly.

Paterson Rapid Print Drying Rack 12"x16"
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This print drying rack is designed for resin-coated paper. Prints on RC paper dry flat quickly in this rack which allows free circulation of & hold up to 5x 12"x16" prints (30.5 x 40.6cm) or 10x 8"x10" prints (20.3 x 25.4cm) or smaller. Special separators ensure minimum contact with the print.

Kaiser Print Drying Rack 32 x 22.5cm (Kaiser 4048)
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For air drying resin-coated paper, taking five 12x16 or 9.5x12 prints, ten 8x10 prints or more prints of smaller size.
Required space: approx 32 x 22.5cm (12.6 x 9)
Height: approx 25cm (10)

TRANSLYTE 17 x 21" Fibre Based Print Dryer
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The bane of the archivally minded printer, but they do dry fibre-based prints quickly, and can produce a high surface sheen with glossy papers. This is a traditional design, using a heated chassis with a curved top surface, around which a tensioned fabric blanket is stretched, pressing the fibre-based print down onto it.

Archival Blotter 17"x24" 300gsm (10 Sheets)
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Wood & acid free, heavy 300 gsm 17 x 24 in sold in packs of 10 and 50 sheets. The idea of drying in blotters is to put the FB print through several stages of drying, each time with fresh dry blotters, so you need plenty of them. A suggested sequence is squeegee the wet prints and then put them into the first set of blotters. Place them under reasonable pressure. Leave them for 20 minutes, then take them out and put them into new blotters for 2 hours. Finally, put the prints into more fresh blotter and leave till dry, which is probably overnight. It sounds rather involved, but should result in prints that need no futher flattening. Packs of 10, 20% discount when buying 5x10 or more.

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