Darkroom Kits

Darkroom Kits

Paterson offer two darkroom kits, the first for Film Processing and the second for Film & Print Processing.

The kits contain essential equipment for those starting up or re-discovering their long lost love affair with the darkroom. The kits are fantastic value for money and simply provide you with the basics that you need to get cracking!

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Paterson Film Processing Kit
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Kit Contains:
1x Universal Film Tank with 2 reels, 2 x 600ml Graduate, 1x 150ml graduate, Thermometer, Film Squeegee, Film Clip set (2), Full Instructions

Paterson Film & Print Processing Kit
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This kit contains: 1x Universal tank with two reels, 2x Film clips, 1x 600ml graduate, 1x 300ml graduate, 1x 45ml graduate, 1x Film squeegee, 1x Chemical mixer, 1x 9" thermometer, 3x 8"x10" trays, 2x print tongs, 1x Red safelight. A great value!

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