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MAPED 45 MAT-CUTTER (inc. 4 blades)
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A well designed small-scale matt-cutting system designed along the principles of a full scale matt-cutting machine, and producing true 45 bevels. It is capable of producing results indistinguishable from the best professionally cut matts, and we have found no better unit than this. The Profila ruler contains a channel along its length, into which the lugs on the Maped cutter locate. The board to be cut is first marked up with image size, and then cutting guide lines 2.5cm inside this. These lines provide locations for the edge of the ruler, and starting and stopping points for the cutting head. No great force is needed to operate the cutting head, and cutting is preferably done with a series of cuts, sinking gradually deeper. If cutting is inadvertently made too shallow, the original cut can be easily re-located and finished off. If the board has been properly marked, the centre of the matt should fall out with no over-cutting. It is usually best, though, to undercut the corner by a fraction, and then chip out the last threads holding the centre using a hand held blade. A 90 cutter for vertical matts is also available. See below for Profila rulers, which are heavy duty with 2 rubber strips for good grip, as well as a steel rod let into one face for trimming with a knife. There are now 3 kits combining heads and rulers which offer a budget price for the package. Bear in mind the rulers sold in these have only one rubber grip, and no cutting edge. If you need the heavier duty rule, buy the cutting head, and a Profila ruler from the list below. The 'Maped Plus' kit is a new design embodying built in start and finish stops and a simplified marking up system. Both 45 + 90 cutters and rule are included. The heads are not compatible with the standard system, although the refill blades used are the same.

MAPED 90 MAT-CUTTER (inc. 4 blades)
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MAPED 45+90 CUTTERS (inc. 2 x 4 blades)
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MAPED Classct Kit: 45 Head + 60cm rule
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MAPED Universal Kit 80: 45+90 Heads + 80cm rule
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MAPED Profila Kit: 45 + 90 cutters + 60cm rule
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MAPED 45 Blades 10 Pack
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MAPED 90 Blades 10 Pack
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Scalpel Handle Swann Morton No.3
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We normally stock 10A (broad) and 11 (narrow) straight edged blades, suitable for knifing and general retouching work. These fit the No. 3 handle.

Scalpel Blades Swan No.10A - 5pack
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Scalpel Blades Swan No. 11 - 5Pack
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