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museum stuff at silverprint Not part of our normal stock, a nostalgic collection of discontinued materials & equipment from the last 100 years. All additions gratefully received!

Silverprint is a specialist dealer in photographic consumables of all types. We set up in 1984, when digital photography had hardly been dreamed of, and started by importing a wide range of traditional photographic materials. The photographic landscape has changed out of all recognition since then, but we're still here! As well as stocking virtually all the traditional photographic materials still available we now keep an enormous range of digital papers and inks, and supply everything needed for exhibition mounting, portfolio, and archival storage. Whether it's an odd size of large format sheet film, an obscure darkroom paper, or a professional inkjet ink cartridge you should find it here.

silverprint shop view I silverprint shop view IIWe are now running a new state-of-the-art computer system which is integrated into our new e-commerce website. notice board at Silverprint shopOne of the very last notice boards in London for photographic sales, needs & wants, & services. Post your own card, but date it please.

1984 Company inaugurated in May, trading beginning from London Docklands premises in the Autumn, initially principal product is Oriental 'Seagull' black & white paper for which we are sole importer.

1987 Move into the premises in Valentine Place, Waterloo.

1990 With Eddie Ephraums produces 'The Silverprint Manual' which morphs over time into 'Ag' magazine, later a prestigious magazine under the helm of ex-BJP editor Chris Dickie.

1993 Takes over the whole of the ground floor of the Waterloo premises.

1996 Produces 'Silver Gelatin', a book which combines the art & technique of photographic emulsion technique. Still the only book dedicated to this subject, and now in it's 3'rd edition.

1997 Starts imports from Hungary of Forte photographic materials, notably 'Polywarmtone', a successor to Agfa 'Record Rapid'

1999 With Randall Webb produces 'Spirits of Salts', a comprehensive manual of alternative photographic techniques.

2003 Commences importing FOMA photographic materials, the significance of which increases radically with the disappearance of many other familiar photographic names.

2004 Purchases the freehold of the Waterloo premises, and takes over the entire building, including the running of 'Downtown Darkroom'.

2007-8 A new state-of-the-art computer system installed, incorporating a new e-commerce system.

2012 Imports Slavich Unibrom and Bromoportrait B&W papers from Russia

2013 Moves into new premises in London Road, SE1, to accommodate a darkroom to host workshops, as well as a gallery space dedicated to showcasing up-and-coming photographic talent


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