Enjoy using Kentmere Film? then we hope you will like this offer!

15% Off selected Kentmere 35mm film. 100 24 Exp / 100 36 Exp and 400 24 Exp. We have set...

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Kodak Professional Ektachrome Colour Reversal (Slide) Film 35mm 36 Exposures

Take advantage of our 10% discount by ordering early.  Availability is expected for mid October 2018 but we will also...

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          Also ideal for those new to film or returning to the darkroom Ilford Multigrade IV...

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Update regards to Harman Direct Positive Paper

We regularly get asked about Harman Direct Positive Paper, which has been out of production on a number of occasions...

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Canson Infinity Inkjet Papers

Canson Infinity Inkjet Papers Canson Infinity inkjet papers are manufactured by leading fine art paper mills Canson and Arches in...

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Japanese Awagami Inkjet Paper

Japanese Awagami Inkjet Paper  Awagami produce a range of traditional Japanese Washi papers suitable for inkjet printing. Awagami Inkjet Papers  not...

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