Silverprint Guide to Film Formats

Film comes in different sizes, or “formats”; small, medium and large, which relates not only to the dimensions of the...

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Silverprint Guide to Black & White Film

Films respond in various ways to different colours of the light spectrum. Early photographic plates were sensitive only to blue,...

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Silverprint Guide to Film Speed

Film ISO, or film speed, is a measure of how sensitive the film is to light. The higher the ISO...

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Liquid Light – SE1 Emulsion

Liquid Photographic Emulsion, also known as Liquid Light or Silver Gelatin, is a silver based sensitizer designed for applying on...

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Ilford/Harman Technology Film, Paper and Chemistry PDFs

Ilford/Harman Technology PDFs for Ilford Film, Paper and Chemistry History of Harman Ilford Delta 100 Film Ilford Delta 400 Film...

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Kodak PDFs

Kodak Black and White Film Processing Chart Kodak Chemicals for Black and White Paper Kodak D-76 Developer Kodak Ektar 100...

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