Capturing Light – Cyanotype and Lumen Printing

We had the pleasure of the artists featured in Capturing Light demonstrating cyanotype and lumen printing for our SLAM Friday event.

Constanza Isaza Martinez, of Lux Darkroom, showed our guests how cyanotypes work. As well as plant life, drawings on acetate were exposed on the cyanotypes coated paper. Constanza brought her UV lamp with her, so luckily we weren’t dependent on weather for our sunlight.
Yaz Norris proved how simple lumen printing can be. She used traditional photographic paper, a contacting frame and some fix to create some beautiful lumen prints of flowers. The flowers were placed in the contacting frame with the photographic paper and exposed to UV light. The light creates the colours in the paper. If unfixed the images would continue to develop and change over time.

For more information about alternative processes visit LAPC and Lux Darkroom