Fomaspeed Variant III – Foma’s Speedy Resin Coated Paper

We have recently received a batch of Fomaspeed Variant III, variable contrast, resin coated photographic paper from Foma. We can see why they named it Fomaspeed, this is paper with a seriously fast emulsion! We found we were using reduced exposure times, when making prints and contact sheets, compared to other papers. The results are very pleasing and we would definitely recommend this when resin coated paper is required.

Sharon Easterling of Downtown Darkroom has also been trying out the Fomaspeed and is very happy with what she’s found. “I’m very impressed with the speed and got nice contrast on the tests I did. I tried it on all the grades and it responded really well through the whole range.”

Because of Fomaspeed Variant III‘s high speed, we think it would be particularly well suited to pinhole photography for use as a negative, allowing shorter exposure times.

It has a chlorobromide emulsion that gives neutral to medium-warmtone results, featuring a rich half-tone scale over all contrast grades. The paper is available in two surfaces, Gloss – Fomaspeed Variant 311, and Matt – Fomaspeed Variant 312. We are currently stocking it in 8×10 and 9.5×12 boxes of 50 sheets.

It should be noted that due to the paper’s high speed it is best used with a dark orange or red safelight, see Fomaspeed Variant III PDF for more information.