According to reports, Fujifilm has announced that it is to discontinue its FP-100C film. Sadly, as FP-100c is Fuji’s last peel apart instant film, this would mark the end of the entire range.

Although there has been a growth in popularity of Fujifilm’s Instax range, the same cannot be said for the FP-100c. Explaining the decision, Fuji highlighted declining year on year sales.

It is suggested that Fujifilm expect to ship that last units sometime in the spring of 2016, but due to the ambiguity of the press release, it has also been rumoured that supply might in fact last much longer, possibly up until 2020.

Fujifilm USA added: “As you may have heard, Fujifilm has finalized its production of FP-100C Color Instant Film. While this was a difficult decision, it was necessary in order to remain sustainable in today’s market. Going forward, the supply of FP-100C will be available until the inventory is exhausted.”

Unfortunately there is currently no alternative product in the market able to fill the void which will be left by this decision.

Silverprint will continue to stock both FP-100c Glossy and FP-100c Silk until we are unable to restock. But from this point on we will be unable to guarantee our ability to fulfil orders.

Will will update this article with any further news related to the availability of Fuji FP100c.