Good News, We Have New Cyanotype Products
We have been awaiting the arrival of our new cyanotype products for a while now, the good news is that they are here! We thought that we would show you some of the new products. Here we have some examples of the new coloured Cyanotype Paper and Cotton.

We offer Lime, Green Apple, White, Turquoise colours, Dark Pink and Mixed colour pack in 6*6, 5*7, 8*10 sizes.

Packs are available in 12, 25 and 100 sheets.

Specials sizes are also available, however  in this case, minimum order quantities apply.

New Cyanotype T-shirts, Silk Cyanotype Scarp, Textiles, Bags are also part of the new Range.



solar paper 2

The new cyanotype materials will sit alongside our wide range of existing products. This includes: Silverprint Solar Paper, Silverprint Cyanotype Kits, the raw chemistry for Cyanotype (Potassium Ferricyanide and Ferric Ammonium Citrate) and all the tools and equipment.

You can also read the full instructions on how to Cyanotype print here.