Impossible Emulsion Lift Workshop
16 July 2015
17.00 – 19.00

We will be holding an Emulsion Lift Workshop with the Impossible Project and Andrew Millar on Thursday 16 July 2015. Tickets are available from the Silverprint Eventbrite page.

Impossible Creative Workshop: Emulsion Lifts And Transparencies

The Impossible Team will be visiting with Andrew Millar and demonstrating the creative possibilities of their magic instant film. They’ll show you how to dissect some instant pictures to produce emulsion lifts and transparencies.

Emulsion lifts enable you to transfer your instant pictures onto many different surfaces and thereby extend the creative potential of your images.

Impossible Emulsion Lift Workshop -Image by Andrew Millar

© Andrew Millar

Heinz Boesch from Impossible London will provide you with interesting bits of background and history of Impossible while the artist Andrew Millar will then guide you to the whole creative process in depth.

This will be a hands on workshop where you can shoot pictures with instant cameras or you can try the Impossible Instant Lab that develops instant pictures from whatever you have on your iPhone and Android phone. The workshop with last approximately two hours and all materials will be provided.

Book your tickets on the Silverprint Eventbrite page.

Impossible Emulsion Lift Workshop

© Andrew Millar