Alternative photography
For artists and photographers working in the alternative photography and processes. Magazine and articles, free galleries for artists and technical information on Argyrotypes, Bromoils, Chrysotypes, Cyanotypes, Digital, Gelatin silverprints, Gumbichromates , Gumoils, Infrareds, Kallitypes, Lithographs, Liquid emulsion, Pinholes, Platinum and Palladium, Polaroid sx-70, image transfers and emulsion lifts, Polymergravure, Saltprints and Vandykes

Mike Ware – Alternative Photography
Practical instructions, as well as history and technical information on alternative photography processes


Stanford University Album Project
Extensive site dedicated to all facets of Albumen work

The Silver Sunbeam
Downloadable version of this important early book


Cyanotype section of the Alternative Photography site

Mike Ware
Cyanotype section of Mike Ware’s site

Nice, clear article from Mike Ware and Peter Bargh

Silverprint – Alternative Processes
You will find some history and instructions so you can try it for yourself

Gum Bichromate
Images and Gum Bichromate process from Hamish Stewart

Silverprint – Alternative Processes
Description and instructions

Liquid Emulsion

Alternative Photography – Liquid Emulsion
A good overview of the process

Silverprint – Alternative Processess
Introduction to SE1 Emulsion

Origins of Photography

Fox Talbot
The correspondence of W. H. Fox Talbot – a University of Glasgow project
Site dedicated to this early pioneer and his place in relationship to the other founders of photography

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole Resource
The Pinhole Resource is the home of the Pinhole Journal and a source of books, cameras, and materials for the pinhole photographer
The Pinhole Gallery is dedicated to the fine art of pinhole photography in all its shapes and sizes

Pinhole Day
Site featuring images from Worldwide Pinhole Day, celebrated every year in April

Platinum Printing

Gary Auerbach
Platinum and Palladium prints

David Chow
DC Editions is a specialist Platinum Printing Studio. They have been working with a broad range of photographic practitioners, from the leading and most well known fine artists to professional/commercial photographers in Europe

Salt Printing

Silverprint – Alternative Processes
Instructions on how to create your own Salt Prints

Wet Collodion
Scully & Osterman Studio Leaders in the artistic revival of collodion photography
Wet plate collodion photography forum

Sean MacKenna
Wet-plate & ambrotype practioner from the UK

Carey Lea – A Manual of Photography
From the ‘Making of America’ collection in the University of Michigan, a downloadable version of this important early book, containing full working methods for wet-plate etc