Japanese Awagami Inkjet Paper 

Awagami produce a range of traditional Japanese Washi papers suitable for inkjet printing. Awagami Inkjet Papers  not only have a beautifully unique feel to them, they are fully archival and are supremely durable and stable.

Awagami Inkjet Paper Prints
The range includes Kozo, which is a good place to start if you’ve never used this paper before, it is made from Mulberry (Kozo in Japanese) fibres and is the most Washi-like of the Awagami Inkjet Papers with it’s soft texture. We have several weights of Kozo paper, Murakomo Select White 42gsm, Kozo Double Layered 90gsm, Kozo Thin White 70gsm and Kozo Thick White 110gsm. These are some of the lightest weight inkjet papers available.

Awagami Bamboo papers are particularly well suited to printing photography. It is a dense soft paper, originally produced for traditional printmaking. The strength of the bamboo fibre make this a very durable paper, and ecologically friendly as well. Awagami Bamboo Paper comes in two weights, 170gsm and 250gsm, as both papers are double sided they are an excellent choice for book making.