London Alternative Photography Collective + Silverprint

London Alternative Photography Collective will be hosting their next series of artist talks here at Silverprint. The LAPC provides monthly artist talks around the subject of alternative and traditional photography processes and their application in contemporary art.

The LAPC aims to make alternative photography techniques accessible, exciting and innovative. They regularly curate exhibitions and run affordable/ free workshops and demonstrations. It is worthwhile organisation for anybody interested in alternative and historical processes to get involved with.

The term ‚Äúcollective‚ÄĚ is fluid, describing visitors who attend the meetings. Anyone can be part of the collective, so please come down and join us!

Melanie King is the Director of the London Alternative Photography Collective, and is also a practising artist. You can read an interview we did with here earlier in the year here.

6th August 2015
The first London Alternative Photography Collective event will be an artist talk on the 6th August 2015, running 6.00-8.00 pm. Over the evening two artists, Myka Baum and William Arnold, will talking about their practice. You can find all the details here.