Silverprint Guide to Portfolios

We have a wide range of portfolios and presentation options on offer, whether traditional photographic sizes or International A sizes. The two main categories these are divided into are Portfolio Boxes and Portfolio Books.

Portfolio Boxes

Portfolio Boxes are a great option, they are a classic design and very elegant way to present prints. They have the advantage of prints being easily rearranged in your portfolio as well as being able to take them out for a closer look. Our clamshell style portfolio boxes all open to lie flat for easy transfer of prints from one side to the other. All box sizes refer to the size of print they hold. We have four box options available, as follows:

SP Portfolio Box
The SP Portfolio Box is the newest addition to our range and becoming one of our most popular. The SP Portfolio Box is an archival, paper lined, acid free, pH neutral, buckram covered clamshell box. Differing from our top of the range Silverprint Archival Boxes in that the SP boxes are lined with paper in lieu of archival boxboard and have a slight lip around the edge. They come in a choice of two depths 3.5cm (which will accommodate approximately 20-30 prints) and 6.5cm (40-60 prints), and two internal linings, cream and black.

Silverprint Archival Portfolio Box
The Silverprint Archival Portfolio Box is a long standing favourite. Silverprint have been selling these top of the range, museum quality archival storage and presentation boxes for over 20 years. They are covered with Library-quality acrylic impregnated black buckram, beautifully hand made to our specifications. They come in a choice of Full Depth and Half Depth, and can hold approximately 20-40 prints depending on paper weight and box size.

Silverprint Print Box
The Silverprint Print Box is a two piece box, covered in scuff resistant black paper and lined with cream paper. They provide an excellent and affordable way to present prints to clients or submitting projects. They can hold 5-10 prints, depending on paper weight.

CXD Archival Box
Although CXD Archival Boxes are primarily for storage they can also be very effective as simple, pared down portfolio boxes. They are particularly suitable for mounted prints, or prints made on heavier paper or fabric. They are made from archival acid-free and lignin-free boxboard, for safe storage and can accomodate 30-60 prints depending on weight of materials.

Silverprint Polyester Print Sleeves

Silverprint Polyester Print Sleeves

Sleeves for Portfolio Boxes
Our Silverprint Polyester Print Sleeves are the perfect companion to our portfolio boxes. They are crystal clear polyester for 100% visibility, while protecting prints from handling and atmospheric hazards. They fit into all the boxes listed above and come in sizes from 8×10 inches up to 30×40 inches, as well as A1, A2, A3+, A3 and A4. The sleeves sizes refer the print sizes they hold.

Portfolio Books
Portfolio Books are great way to present your work to potential clients, allowing you to present the prints in a specific sequence. Portfolio books have an advantage over printed digital books in that prints can be changed and updated as necessary. The variety of Portfolio Books are listed below:

Prat Leather Portfolio
The Prat Leather Portfolio is a black leather portfolio book, padded front and back. This is the most substantial and luxurious of the Portfolio Books. As it is made of leather and ages well. Sleeves are held in place with four hidden retention screws. The portfolio takes crystal clear Prat Polyester Sleeves, which are sold separately and come in packs of 10.

Prat Pampa Portfolio Book

Prat Pampa Porftolio Book

Prat Pampa
The Prat Pampa book has a soft bonded leather cover with a small leather strap that closes with an eyelet. Ideal to showcase a project or tearsheets. The sleeves are held in place by a spiral mechanism that is pulled open, allowing sleeves to be removed and swapped with ease. The Prat Pampa comes with 10 polyester sleeves, further Prat Polyester Sleeves can be bought separately. Available in portrait and landscape versions.

Prat Modebook
The Prat Modebook has a rigid black leather-like cover. In all other regards it mirrors the Prat Pampa, with easily opening spiral mechanism, supplied with 10 polyester sleeves and available in portrait and landscape.

Silverprint Slipcase Portfolio Book
Designed to sit neatly alongside our Silverprint SP and Archival Portfolio Boxes, the Silverprint Slipcase Portfolio Book is a black buckram covered book with four screw fastenings to keep pages in place. The portfolio book comes supplied inside a slipcase, covered in the same black library buckram. The slipcase adds a sleek look to the portfolio, as well as providing excellent protection against dust and handling.

PermaJet SnapShut Portfolio Book
The PermaJet SnapShut Portfolio is ideal for displaying or storing projects. Simply fold back the scratch-resistant cover and more sheets can be added or removed. Folding the covers back close the “SnapShut” hinge which holds the sheets in place. It will hold up to 100 thin sheets or 50 thicker sheets. This book does not require any sleeves.

Sleeves for Portfolio Books
There are two types of crystal clear polyester sleeves to fit the portfolio books. Prat Polyester Sleeves 908 will fit the Prat Leather Porfolio and the Silverprint Slipcase Portfolio, these have larger holes to accomodate the screw fastenings. Prat Polyester Sleeves 508 will fit the Prat Pampa and Prat Modebook, these have smaller holes to work with the spiral binding mechanism. Sleeves for the Pampa and Modebook landscape books are clearly named, 508L. All sleeves are sold in packs of 10.