Terry King (1938–2015)
Photographer, Poet, Printmaker, Teacher, long time customer and friend, Terry King has sadly died at the age of 76.

Terry King made his first “alternative” prints in the late 1970s, using watercolours in light sensitive emulsion. He defined Alternative as “photographic processes that are not in common use today”. Throughout his life he explored all manner of processes, including Niepce’s heliogravure, Talbot’s calotype, Herschel’s iron processes, albumen, platinum, carbon, photogravure and the pigment and oil processes of the early Pictorial movement.  Terry regularly taught and ran workshops at various art schools and colleges, as well as his own workshops at Hands-On Pictures in Kingston.

Terry was always an enthusiastic supporter of new generations discovering alternative processes, he will be greatly missed.

“I have done my best to find ways to simplify things so that the picture, its beauty and its mystery, is the objective rather than the process.” Terry King

To see examples of Terry King’s work and read more about him visit his website Hands-On Pictures.