Hidden Sea, Hidden Land
3 July – 7 August 2015

Private View
Thursday 2 July 2015
18.00 – 20.00

SLAM Fridays
Friday 31 July 2015
18.00 – 20.00

Senén Germade
Nina Gusway
Thorsten Stobbe

Image by Senen Germade - Hidden Sea Hidden Land - The Silverprint Gallery

HABELAS HAINAS © Senen Germade

Hidden Sea, Hidden Land
Images of war and suffering are often the first things that people associate with photojournalism, and even come to expect from it. There has been, however, a growing desire from documentary photographers to use the medium as a conceptual tool to uncover social issues closer to home. Hidden Sea, Hidden Land showcases work by three recent graduates from the prestigious MA Photojournalism and Documentary Photography course at London College of Communication who are producing work in this new tradition. These photographers use predominately analogue means to conduct anthropological and historical research on topics unseen, untouchable, and ultimately hidden from plain sight.

Transmitting in the blind from Thorsten Stobbe is a project venturing fearlessly into buried evidence from an unsolved plane crash in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Facts untangle from fiction as new questions are raised about geopolitics and power. Nina Gusway’s ongoing project, Yolk, looks into the roots of cultural anxieties about outsiders and examines what effects such feelings have on future generations. Senén Germade travels back to his childhood home for his project, Habelas Hainas, a spiritual and emotional exploration of Galicia – an enigmatic land where the real turns magical and the magical becomes real.

The exhibition is curated by Ollie Clarke and Siyuan Wang.

Image by Nina Gusway - Hidden Sea, Hidden Land - The Silverprint Gallery

Yolk © Nina Gusway